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  • Jason Howe
    Aug 13, 2014

      In preparation moving, I'm trying to limit the number of things I have
      to pack. As such the following items are up for sale.

      Atari 130XL, works, is a little yellowed.
      OkiMate 10 printer w/ Atari 8-bit interface.

      IBM 5160 complete and working.
      Monochrome graphics with IBM greenscreen monitor, 10 MB Hard drive, 720K
      floppy (I think), Model F keyboard/
      Has a replacement video card to replace the original monitor/parallel
      card which is no good, but is included.

      IBM 5170 complete and working.
      CGA graphics, with IBM color monitor
      20MB Hard drive, 1.2 MB floppy, Original AT keyboard

      A bunch of spare DEC 3000 parts, ask.

      Digital personal workstation 433au.

      There is some Apple // stuff as well, which some folks have first
      refusal on. I'll post them soon if I don't hear back from the
      previously interested parties.

      Pick-up is in Rockaway NJ within 3 weeks, delivery along the I-80/I-90
      route to Seattle in 5-6 weeks can be arranged.

      All items available for Best Offer. I'm not looking to get rich off
      this stuff, but would like more than $0 dollars. If they don't sell,
      they'll get packed in the POD, but I'd rather they go to a good home
      than sit in storage for some undetermined amount of time.

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