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37123Re: Can someone who knows PDP basic help this guy?

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  • billdeg
    Aug 10, 2014
      Probably is pdp 11 basic.  B or BASE sets the octal memory offset for memory addresses.  I can at least type in the first few lines to see if I get syntax errors.

      I will try to load the code when I get the chance.  May also work on the pdp8 with minimal edits.  My pop 11/05 could run this assuming the code is good, but I'd need to add a rs232 to 20mA converter to make it convenient. Otherwise I'd need a paper tape of the code.

      If anyone here wants to make this the subject of a workshop at my place, I am game.

      I do not have an account on this site, can anyone here post a response?  

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