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37119Re: [midatlanticretro] MARCH museum promo video

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  • Brian Schenkenberger, VAXman-
    Aug 8 5:04 PM
      "Ray Sills raysills3@... [midatlanticretro]" writes:

      >Copyright infringement:
      >With regard to music licensed by ASCAP, BMI or SESAC (the major rights
      >organizations in the US), it does not matter -who- is performing the
      >music (original artist, cover artist, instrumental version..
      >whatever)... it is the music's performance "publicly" that is the
      >important fact.
      >That includes juke boxes, night clubs, concert halls.. regardless of
      >profit or non-profit status, to say nothing of broadcasting.. over the
      >air or on the web. ALL of those venues require a license.
      >Some venues can get a free license (like those 10 watt high school FM
      >stations)... but most will have to fork over some money. Sometimes,
      >it's not too much... IIRC, a BMI license for a juke box in a diner
      >(for example) was about $50 a year. Probably ASCAP is about the
      >same.. but you'd probably need both licenses. Now and then, you might
      >notice a decal on the entrance door for a diner, showing that they
      >have a current ASCAP or BMI license.
      >And, often as not, using music is what gets stuff bounced from YouTube
      >or FB. So.. a work-around is to use public domain music (but usually
      >that is -old- music), use music from a music production library (and
      >pay a fee for the usage) OR... compose your own music.
      >Garage Band from Apple will let you do that. And, don't forget to
      >assert your copyright by placing your name, the year, and the (c)
      >symbol or the word copyright some where obvious in the work.


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