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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 28, 2014
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      We can't have a fall workshop. Too much other stuff (mainly the
      Halloween event) is happening around campus from September-November.

      What if we have a December workshop immediately followed by our Festivus
      party, or vice-versa?

      - Friday night party, full weekend workshop
      - Saturday all-day party, Sunday workshop

      We wouldn't want the workshop first and then the party, because then
      there is a risk of people drinking and driving home.

      We want to avoid having two watered-down events. A lame workshop and a
      lame party would be .... double lame. If forced to choose then I would
      stick with Festivus because it's our only event that is 100% social
      instead of technical/work/exhibits etc.

      So .... consider this message just an alert of the * possibility * that
      we could squeeze two events into one. Do you guys want to do that? Or
      just stick with traditional Festivus?
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