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36932Re: [midatlanticretro] What is the best and safest way to ship 8" disk to someone on the other side of the country

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  • Dennis Boone
    Jul 24, 2014
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      > I was thinking of making a cardboard sleeve and putting them in a bubble
      > wrap envelope and marking it as fragile do not bend. Is there something
      > else I should do like wrap them in foil or something. I really want to
      > make sure this data gets there.

      You see "fragile do not bend", handlers in the mail/parcel system see
      "please spindle and mutilate". :) The package needs to be stiff enough
      to protect itself. Bubblewrap envelopes have no structure; they protect
      from bounces, not from folds or punctures. Other heavier boxes will get
      dropped on it in transit. Typically (thank you, Professor Murphy)
      they'll land corner first.

      Magnetic field strength drops off as an inverse of distance from the
      source. Steepness of the curve depends on type of source, but it's
      likely to be at least square law. Getting a field strong enough to
      damage recorded data over even an inch or two is therefore relatively
      unlikely. The easiest way to deal with magnetic fields is to just leave
      a bit if distance between the media and the outside of the container.

      Not sure what the conventional wisdom is on dealing with stuff like
      fluoroscopy, which might be used to examine parcels. Marking the
      package "magnetic media" _might_ help, though I'm cynical.

      For what it's worth, I've moved several 9-track tapes through mail and
      parcel services recently, and not had any trouble.

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