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36830VAXen free to good home in Rockville MD

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 13, 2014
      See message below. Anyone interested should send email directly to the guy who has them. No affiliation.

      Please be sure to mention that you read about it from me / this list.

      From: "Mike B."
      Sent: Sat Jul 12 15:16:33 EDT 2014
      To: evan@...
      Subject: Do you know anyone who might want a couple of VAXStation 30 computers?


      My name is Mike Bartman.  I have a couple of VAXStation 30 systems (desktop VAXen) that I have no use for anymore, but would prefer to see go somewhere other than the dump.  Do you know anyone who might have a use for them, or want to keep them for display or some other useful purpose?   They were purchased by The Wollongong Group around 1990, and I bought them from Attachmate Corp. (which bought The Wollongong Group) in 1999.  They were used for development work on PathWay for OpenVMS (a TCP/IP suite).  One of them may have been used for development of Eunice...a unix command interpreter product for OpenVMS...but that work pre-dates my work at Wollongong, so I can't be certain.

      When last attempted about 10 years ago, both systems booted.  They've been living in my spare bedroom ever since.  If it matters, I can set them up and see if they still boot.  Hobby licenses for the OpenVMS OS and a number of applications (compilers for instance) are available free of charge.  I also have some media and documentation for them.

      I can provide specific details if there's any interest.   Shipping them isn't really an option, as I'm not equipped to pack them safely, but they can be moved by car fairly easily.  Each system has the system unit, a 19" B&W monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I'm near Rockville, MD...just outside the D.C. beltway NW of D.C.

      I have two other systems (VAXstation 3100-M76 and VAXstation 4000-90) that may also be available, but I need to find time to boot them and remove data first, and I'm not sure when that might happen.  The 3100 was in use until 2007 doing work on Multinet and TCPWare (TCP/IP suites from Process Software).

      Let me know if there's interest, and what else you'd like to know.

      Thank you!

      -- Mike Bartman

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