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  • Neil Cherry
    Jul 3, 2014
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      On 07/03/2014 05:22 PM, John Heritage john.heritage@... [midatlanticretro] wrote:
      > I would love to hear about the 65816 upgrade on your system :).
      > I have an 800XL with the ultimate 1MB upgrade.. i could never get the mount .ATR from
      > flash card to work right.. and for some reason eventually the atari just failed - it won't
      > fully power on now (just some bars or colors on screen).. something to troubleshoot when
      > my electronics skills merit a look at it..

      I always look for trouble! I recall reading a Byte Magazine article on
      the 800XL with 256K of ram. I looked at the article and figured I could
      do it with either one less chip or one less gate. It worked! :-)

      Ah the good old days. Oddly I continue to do that kind of stuff to this
      day though now in software rather than hardware.

      I haven't built the ART/Flash add on but we can give it a try at the
      next repair-fest. I've got my blood boiling for my old machine. It's
      the one machine that just feel right. Hopefully I'll have more info
      on the 65816. So far I've tracked down the ships and various info.
      I'd rather work on the Ethernet interface at the moment (replaces the
      1050 with my Linux server across an Ethernet). This overlaps my HA.

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