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3673A minor but important event for us

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 27, 2006
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      There are a bunch of high school kids (I think about a dozen) visiting
      InfoAge from June 25 - July 8 and staying at the commander's cottage
      on-site. These are kids who all volunteered and even paid money for the
      right to work at InfoAge as a community service project. At the last board
      meeting, Fred asked all the groups to help entertain the kids, since they
      won't have TV or the web or anything. So I volunteered MARCH to host a
      vintage videogame night (date to be determined.)

      I have a 2600; what other systems can we get together? Of course these can
      be computer games, not just videogames.

      The bigger (and older) the variety, the better!

      We'll also need people to bring monitors/TVs, requisite power cords,
      joysticks, software, etc.

      Also please tell me which evenings you're free and meanwhile I'll check in
      with the volunteer organizer from the group running their program via Fred.
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