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36729Re: [midatlanticretro] AT&T 7300 / 3b1 Power Supply Pin Voltages & Polarities

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  • chetwyndplace
    Jul 1, 2014
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      No progress yet on the Convergent tape controller situation.  I'm taking a new turn to hope to get a fresh perspective.

      I am choosing the AT&T 7300 / 3b1 path to learn more about the general operation of this UNIX os on a Convergent manufactured machine from that era, thus the 7300 / 3b1.  I've heard that the 7300 / 3b1 is functionally identical to the MiniFrame.  

      Although I've heard there are significant differences between the MiniFrame and the MightyFrame, at least there are many people around who understand the 7300 /3b1, so I can at least glean help from experienced users, such as yourself, with this.  Hopefully this will help me bridge the gap between these machines, and eventually get the MightyFrame working.

      Thanks always,
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