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36719Re: [midatlanticretro] Reeeeeeeal tentative ... VCF East X weekend

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  • Barry L. Kline
    Jun 30 5:54 PM
      On 06/19/2014 09:48 PM, retro retro@...
      [midatlanticretro] wrote:
      > Please note, there's a significant hamfest in Timonium MD, which I hated
      > missing in 2014 for the VCF. Some people split their time between the
      > two events.
      > http://www.gbhc.org/
      > Their Web sites don't show a 2015 date. I'm sure if they are contacted,
      > they might report their planned 2015 date.
      > Herb

      Hi Herb.

      I've been to the Timonium Hamfest (which conflicted with VCF East this
      year) every year for the last 25 or so. The only reason I went this
      year was because a friend's son wanted to go for the first time.
      Otherwise I would have been to VCF-E. I can say without hesitation that
      this year's version of the Timonium hamfest was the worst I've ever
      seen. I don't know how it hangs on, but I'm VCF-E bound in 2015 if the
      conflict is with Timonium. Dayton, on the other hand... I'd postpone my
      own open heart surgery to attend that.

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