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36641RE: [midatlanticretro] Estate Sale Loot!

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  • Wesley Furr
    Jun 21, 2014
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      That is awesome...I've never lucked into such a sale like that!  Of course I'm in a much more rural area, so no great surprise there.  Wish I was closer, I would drop by and check it all out.  The Bernoilli box and such sounds interesting...always fun to dig through all the random bits and pieces at such a sale as well.
      I was at a local auction house yesterday...they had a Mac Classic complete with a big carrying case for it.  Thought I had lucked out when the bid got down to and I started it at $1...paused a minute, then someone else jumped in...he got it for $35 after I gave up...  Oh well...didn't really need it anyway.  :-)

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      However, this estate sale also had a few other pieces of gear of interest including:

      -Macintosh II with an aftermarket monitor, keyboard, and something else attached for like $40 bucks

      -What might have been a Bernoulli Box drive or a variation thereof which I'm not sure if it

      -Macintosh Classic with a few extra things hooked up to it for like $20 or $30

      -Some early Epson dot matrix printer for like 10 bucks or less

      I seem to also remember spotting a Jaz drive I think, and a few other random pieces of gear that went with the Macintosh's.  There was also an early to mid 90's Mac laptop nestled inside of a docking station like I had never seen before...  but that qualifies as off topic.  Anyway, if anyone is actually interested in the other things I spotted, they are welcome to send me a private email so I can give them the precise address of the estate sale in the Tysons/Fairfax area of Northern Virginia.  If you seriously desire one of these items, I may be willing to go see if it's there in the morning and proxy purchasing it for you until you can pick it up.  The sale lasts until Sunday, but I wouldn't be surprised if stuff disappears before then.

      -Alexander 'Z' Pierson

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