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36545Re: Workshop summary

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  • billdeg
    Jun 16, 2014
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      Of course this does not compare to the workshop highlight of booting an Apple Lisa 2, but worth mentioning.....thanks to everyone who helped with the huge amount of time and effort associated with delivering the four full racks including the PDP 11/44 system which took a number of days to coordinate, complete, and move into the museum.   Thanks goes out to the Lewish family who donated the system.  

      I got the chance to review the boxes of Friden Flexowriter repair kit / parts donated by a local ex-Friden/Singer repair man.  There are docs to be cataloged with the lot.  Please someone find a tub to store all of the Flexowriter stuff safely / keep dry.  This could possibly be the only repair kit that is known to exist and should be preserved.

      I built the ELF 2K sent to me (thanks Flash!) from a kit.  There was also a lot of Ohio Scientific work completed as well.

      We discussed what to do for HOPE, did not conclude much.  I guess we will display the "Apple timeline" for the script kiddies.


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