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36272Epilogue Cromemco System 1

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  • billdeg
    Jun 3, 2014
      I used three scopes to compare with each other to learn how to read a scope and the knobs, generate a sign wave and use one scope as a wave generator in order to measure / calibrate the other scope with it.  Etc.  Not great at it yet but getting there.  At least I understand better how these work.  Thanks everyone (and youtube) for your help/tips.

      Related to the  Cromemco System 1 - I  fixed the power supply.  I removed the 590uF 20V cap from the 12v line of System 1 power supply and replaced. 

      I bought a Peak ESR70+ to test for bad caps.  Seems to work very well.
      Although the cap I removed was labeled 590uF / 20v, when I tested it I got 841uF and ESR - .13ohms.

      Am I correct to interpret this to mean
      1) They labeled the cap 590 but it was really a ~850uF
      2) For a 850uF cap, an ESR of .13ohms is too high/marginally leaky
      3) If it was really a 590uF an ESR = .13ohms would have been "more OK".

      thanks and I will take my answer off the air.

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