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36259Re: [midatlanticretro] Goals for the next Workshop

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  • Jason Howe
    Jun 2 8:08 AM
      I'll be there Saturday only, have a bunch of small stuff I want to work on. I will be bringing some subset of the following:

      1) Atari 1050 Drive, replace track 00 sensor.
      2) Atari 800XL power supply rebuild.
      3) Build an SGI 13w3 to VGA cable.
      4) Revive 2 Full height MFM drives (currently don't spin up).
      5) A small pile of 8-bit PC stuff to test.
      6) IBM 5170 battery holder.
      7) If the timing works out, I will be rescuing an IBM 5160 from it's original owner on the way, but he's like 95 years old and coordinating is difficult...fingers crossed.
      8) Replace SIPP memory sockets with SIMM sockets on a Harris 286 board.
      9) Test 5 Digital 1GB RF/RZ26 50PIN SCSI drives

      I can bring the following for sale/trade -- if anyone is interested let me know, I won't load it unless there's a taker.

      1) Working Atari 130XE
      2) DEC 3000 (May show up as a testbed for #9) (have lots of spare bits for these, speak up if you need something)
      3) IBM 5170 AT -- DOS 5.0 installed, includes original Keyboard, IBM Color monitor, working HD and floppy drive. The case is a bit rough though.
      4) Some number of Digital RF/RZ26 drives (assuming they're not dead -- see above)
      5) SGI Indigo R3000 CPU board
      6) No-name Apple II clone, untested.

      I'm also looking to buy/trade for the following:
      1) 4 - 1 MB SIPP memory modules, which would negate the need for me to perform #8 above
      2) 287XL FPU
      3) SGI indigo Mouse

      On 05/23/2014 01:56 AM, Jeffrey Brace ark72axow@... [midatlanticretro] wrote:
      I will there Saturday, but late like 7 or 8pm.
      What I would like is:
      1) someone to help me fix MARCH's Commodore PET
      2) Try to find a suitable TV for the museums Atari 800
      3) finish fixing MARCH's Educator 64.

      Jeff Brace

      To: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      From: midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wed, 21 May 2014 10:04:31 -0700
      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Goals for the next Workshop


      Thought it might be interesting if we discussed what we all want
      to work on at the next workshop- what the board might want to
      get working from the warehouse and what personal goals folks
      have that we can plan to help with in a group environment.

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