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  • corey986
    May 26, 2014
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      Sunday May 25 2014....

      It came in waves... Quiet till around 1:45, then busy till 2:30, then quiet till 3:00, then busy again, then quiet around 4:00...   Maybe two dozen visitors in total.    It was quite fun.  In the quiet times I got some more work done on the MARCH Scelbi.  Looks like I should be on target for a power up or at least calibrating the systems clocks on the workshop day in June (I really need to work on my own dazzler that day, so the scelbi will only get an hour or two).

      According to the other groups at info age, Saturday's are very busy.  I hope we can find and train more people to give the tour so that we can cover saturdays.  I was told someone drove all the way from the middle of PA to see the exhibits that day and there wasn't a MARCH member to show them around so they only got to see the exhibits and not actually talk to anyone about them in details.

      Anyway, had a blast giving the tour, this is the first time I have given it since finishing reading "Home Computer Wars" by Michael Tomczyk, so I was able to answer more detailed Commodore questions, being the Apple guy I am LOL...


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