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3596024-Bit Hex Display Project

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  • Systems Glitch
    May 14, 2014
      Making progress on my hex display project:


      It's a small board that drives a 8/9 character 7-segment multiplexed display as a 24-bit (16 address + 8 data) hex display. I used a PIC18F6310, a ULN2803 NPN Darlington array, and a bunch of bubble magnified 7-segment displays I acquired as surplus. If there's interest in them, I can arrange a small production run.

      In addition to displaying 24 bits of parallel input as hex, it's possible to update the board's firmware to take parallel input (think DL-2416 display), serial, I2C, SPI, or even the PIC's Analog-to-Digital converter(s). I've made all of the schematics, board layout, nonstandard parts libraries, and firmware available on GitHub:


      Hardware is Creative Commmons CC-BY-SA, software is GPLv3.

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