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35946Wang 8" floppy disks, what is so special...

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  • corey986
    May 13, 2014
      So I borrowed a couple of Wang 8" 32 sector floppy disks from someone. They are 3m and have a metal reinforcement ring.

      I tried them in the Helios and I can do a disk copy to them (I am assuming my disk I'm copying isn't full) but I cannot format them as a data disk. They "condition" ok. I'm fine formatting as data disks some old disks I had that came with the Helios and were blank. The wang disks fail on the inner tracks near the hub.

      The only thing I can think of is the hub is screwing up the speed or something of the disk or the disk near the hub doesn't sit right.

      My drive has a rebuilt motor, aligned heads and the voice coil is in perfect condition. So it only seems to be these wang disks. Could it be the box they came from was bad? This was a box from that guy on eBay. When I started posting around about the Helios working, a friend lent me his unopened box since his wang system isn't running yet.

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