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35907New Member & The MightyFrame

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  • chetwyndplace
    May 11, 2014

      Hello all...I'm new here...


      I'm a 42 year old computer programmer from the Midwest (Iowa), currently working in Las Vegas, of all places...


      What interests me so much about this group is that you guys are "into mainframes of the 1950s and 1960s." 


      You make it very clear that the top-end of the history range here is the mid 1980s, and that is right where I come in.


      I'm hoping that the fundamental knowledge of the members here can help me with a "newer", and rather obscure, 1987 Convergent Technologies MightyFrame, and that my obsession and subsequent research with getting these machines running can also provide value to the knowledge-base here.  I've been on this journey for a year, and it has proven to be quite challenging...which is exactly what I like my hobbies to be!


      I'm loosely creating a blog for the machine that the drive came out of (in scatterbrain fashion...sorry for that, but I'm getting a little more organized as I go...)




      I was really thrilled when I caught a glimpse of a 1985 AT&T 7300 Unix PC from a photo at one of your gatherings (VCF East 7.0 yhoo.it/1iGuBNi ).  As far as a more-known machine, that UNIX PC is the closest thing to this MightyFrame that most people know, especially since they were both manufactured by the same company...Convergent Technologies.


      I'll start off with a few posts of the things that I'm currently working on and let you guys direct me...I'm excited about the opportunity to interact and contribute. 


      Wishing everyone the best,


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