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35814RE: [midatlanticretro] PDP-11/23 console port

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  • Malcolm Macleod
    May 5, 2014
      >I'm trying to make my own crappy cable. I've got my system /receiving/
      from the PDP-11...but i'm having trouble with receiving.
      >I've tried 8 to 3 with 7 tied to 9, 7 to 9 detached, no luck.
      >Can I get a DLV11-J to DE9 diagram? I'm stumped.
      >Cory Smelosky

      Cory - I'm using the M8043 Print Set (MP00586) as a guide. It's on
      Bitsavers as part of the PDP11/23 Field Maintenance Print Set (MP00740).

      Here's a copy of MP00586 that I extracted from MP00740 ->

      Page 11 of that PDF shows the pin numbering (when viewing the 10-pin box
      header from the mating side).

      Page 10 of the PDF shows the RS232 I/O connections.

      Pin 7 (RCV DATA -) needs to be tied to Pin 9 (GND) at the 11/23 end of the

      Once that is done, connect:

      11/23 pin 3 (XMT DATA +) to DE9 pin 2 (RXD)
      11/23 pin 5 (GND) to DE9 pin 5 (GND)
      11/23 pin 8 (RCV DATA +) to DE9 pin 5 (TXD)

      I also do loopbacks at the DE9 as follows:
      Pin 4 (DTR) to Pin 6 (DSR)
      Pin 7 (RTS) to Pin 8 (CTS)

      This setup works fine between my USB-to-RS232 adapter and my 11/23 (M8189 or

      Perhaps also check that your terminal program (PC end) isn't waiting for
      hardware handshaking (CTS/DSR).

      Apart from that it *should* work.

      Hope this helps.

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