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35784Not all Adaptec 1522A boards are alike!

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  • billdeg
    May 3, 2014
      Follow up to the catweasel thread that drifted into a discussion of the Adaptec 1522A referenced in Malcolm's presentation doc online...I found and ordered a 1522A board for $15 and it arrived today...It's the right board but it's missing half of the components including the 34-pin connector and electronics related to the non SCSI drive control-ing.  Bummer, I did not think that could happen, I assumed they were all the same.  Probably not worth attempting to track down all of the parts.

      My advice to anyone who orders these, make sure they are complete 1522A boards.  It's clear from the board that the seller did not remove the components, instead Adaptec apparently shipped some complete and some partially complete based on the OEM or whatever.  The component slots are on the board, they're simply unpopulated.

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