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35685RE: [midatlanticretro] OT: Apple discounts?

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  • Wesley Furr
    Apr 27 6:12 PM
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      You have to watch...these days companies like to take off-lease machines, clean them up, then sell them as "refurbished"...in my mind, they should be calling them "off lease" or "used".  Refurbished in my mind is a nearly new product that the manufacturer fixed up.  We've bought a number of refurb Dell laptops (new looking and refurbised by Dell themselves) relatively recently at work to replace XP machines.  So far, we haven't had any trouble with any of them...time will tell...
      I would have to beg to differ with you on there not being much that can be fixed.  Granted, you are often limited to replacing a whole assembly as much is built into the motherboard, but once it's a few years old, prices seem to be pretty reasonable, though you may have to look to the used market.  Ebay is a great resource for odd laptop parts.  Replaced a damaged power jack and a fan in two different laptops this week.  Could just be me having worked on enough of them, but I don't even find it all that difficult...certainly less painful than trying to clean up malware, etc.
      I will leave one comment...if you need to replace the power jack, and you have the option of soldering in a $2 part, or replacing the whole board (small one) for $20, go for the whole board.  I though I was getting decent at soldering, but that was a nightmare...if it wasn't getting late at night and parts stewn across the dining room table, I would have left it set and ordered in the whole board.  :-)

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      I bought a refurb HP laptop once when I worked at HP. Never again will I buy a refurbished computer. It's not the warranty, it's what did someone do to it before they returned it and those issues may not arrive till the warranty is up. With vintage computers we expect to have to fix something. With these modern systems there isn't much other than software you can fix yourself.
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