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35679Re: [midatlanticretro] OT: Apple discounts?

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  • madodel
    Apr 27, 2014
      On 4/27/14, 8:59 AM, Ray Sills wrote:
      > On Apr 26, 2014, at 10:41 PM, Richard Cini wrote:
      >> Not much of a discount on Macs. There is an educational discount
      >> program but you have to be a teacher, administrator, or matriculated
      >> student.
      >> I mostly buy refurbished Macs right from Apple. They sell at a
      >> little discount to the price of a new unit.
      >> Rich
      > I have purchased several re-furbs from Apple.... never any problems.
      > AND... you still get a 1 year warranty, just like a new unit.

      I agree. I have purchased Macbook Pros and iMacs via both Apple
      refurbished and their education program (need to be a student, faculty or
      institution). Discount is small but the products are excellent and you can
      take the products to an Apple store for service under warranty just the
      same as if you bought it for the full price.



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