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35619Re: [midatlanticretro] Catweasel, are they still available or is there an alternative

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  • billdeg
    Apr 23, 2014
      I think I posted a link to my latest work on the catweasel
      ..but there is again.

      for fun I built an 8" MS DOS boot disk that I can use to boot directly into an 8" drive-driven system for that work.

      Herb has a very comprehensive set of pages that discuss drives and imaging from many angles.  He includes links.  This is an excellent place to start if you want some background.  Kelly and I did an imaging class for VCF 8
      and you can also download Malcolm's presentation from this VCF

      At this stage I can image most every soft-sectored disk format I have tried.  I am working on hard-sectored disks now.  Andrew Lynch seems to have tackled the problem but I have not contacted him to ask about his work.  

      Catweasel and 8" drives are not a flawless combo, so far I prefer the Dunfield utilities for 8" drives, It may be that I need to do more experimentation to find the best way.  Dunfield utilities (directly from the on-mobo controller) seem to be a little better.  I am making notes of the settings that the Dunfield drive detect utilities return so I can apply to the Catweasel.

      Third - Adding a Quad density drive to the mix will add capabilities.  I think these need to be set to spoof a 720K 3.5 drive.

      This is not a plug and play thing.  
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