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35587Re: I may have found an Altair with floppy drive...

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  • corey986
    Apr 22, 2014
      That is a complicated question. Is it an Altair 8800,8800A,8800B for example. Is it a turnkey? If an 8800 or 8800A, how bad/good is the front panel? Is there any rust? Which motherboard(s) and CPU board are used? Is the power supply modified? Is there any damage to the chassis or rust? What other MITS cards are in the system (2SIO, RTC,...)

      All those questions and I'm not even asking about the drive...

      Obviously if the system works it makes a big difference. Value depends on a lot, but even if it's the worst combination it's still worth a few thousand. If it was a working rev-0 8800 with original 4 slot motherboards, MITS ram and IO cards and in perfect condition with working disk drives, you don't want to know the price. Seriously we haven't seen a setup like that on the open market in a few years and the last one if memory serves correct was sold for about 7k and sold in minutes. So obviously it was underpriced and that was years ago. A perfect condition working Altair rev-0 sold at Brekker in Germany for 15k last year and that had no disk drive. So get some pics of what this person has and we can let you know what it is so you can make an appropriate offer.

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