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35527OT: anyone into TI programmable calculators?

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  • jeff_s_jonas
    Apr 19, 2014
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      Someone bought one of the 2 TI-80s I had on consignment so there's apparently some interest. Those are BASIC programmable.

      I have 3: TI-92 and 2 of the lab kits that make it into a multimeter. Recent ebay prices are too low for me to sell them so I may as well enjoy them. What clever uses do they have? I gotta show up those Ardu-weenies :-)

      Somehow a TI-55 got me thru undergrad college. I don't know how: it's just so WEAK and SLOW! I still have it just for nostalgia.

      Once I find a source for 3: "N" cells, my HP-28C shall overpower them all :-)
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