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3551RE: [midatlanticretro] Re: IMSAI haul, continued

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  • Richard A. Cini
    Jun 11, 2006
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      Interesting, I didn’t realize that ICOM was swept up into Pertec, although it seems to make the world of sense considering the ICOM system I have used the same FD400 drives that the Altair 88-DCDD setup did.




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      Herb said:

      >> I think you may have some MITS boards, not IMSAI boards. "8800
      >> interface" is typical MITS terminology. The earliest floppy
      >> controllers did not use LSI (40-pin) controller chips as they did not
      >> exist yet or were expensive. Check my MITS docs list on my site and
      >> query me privately for more information if you wish. FDOS may well
      >> preceed CP/M 1.4.
      > Mike Ladwig wrote:
      > The board isn't from IMSAI, it's a third party bundle from ICOM. My IMSAI
      > also came with most of the ICOM package (I'm missing the drive) that has
      > interface board and ICOM/FDOS documentation discussing the board. I have
      > seen pictures of identical boards (presumably later) with "8800
      Interface BD
      > -- ICOM" screened onto it.
      > It looks so much like the Altair floppy package, and with only the later
      > boards mentioning ICOM, I suspect it was licensed.
      > mike.

      Please inform me a bit more about ICOM. A quick Google reminds me that
      Pertec bought both MITS and ICOM. What did ICOM add to the MITS/S-100
      world? And of course pass this info on to Cini. Thanks!

      Herb Johnson


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