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  • orion3311
    Apr 16, 2014
      So after VCF I find myself trying to re-organize all my vintage computer goodies between my house and my parents house. Unfortunately at my house, my only storage is in plain sight - I have no usable basement or attic for out-of-sight-out-of-mind storage.

      I have maybe 5-6 vintage desktops that I'd like to "display" in my office. (Along the lines of the PET, XT, Apple II, my old Tandy 386, TRS-80 coco, etc). I'm considering just a wire rack shelf for my office, but I figured I'd ask - what do other people do to display their collection? I do have this million pound cradenza that I may try to organize but outside of that, has anyone found a good shelf or other piece of furniture that holds a few desktops safely?
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