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  • Bob Applegate
    Apr 15, 2014
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      I had been meaning to do a write-up since last Sunday evening but never quite got to it until now.

      Evan and all the others who worked so hard to make VCF 9.1 happen... EXCELLENT JOBS! It was a ton of fun!

      VCF reminded me of when TCF used to be more than just a computer show; it was a collection of people who really understood the technology and wanted to do something with it. Maybe VCF attendees weren't trying to out-do each other with technical wizardry, but everyone I spoke with had intense knowledge about their display and the technology that made it work. I didn't attend any of the Friday classes but they sounded very good.

      An interesting aspect was the number of young people. There were quite a few of them and they definitely knew vintage computers and were interested. It's nice to see that they appreciate the technology that lead to their current home computers and cell phones.

      I was thinking about suggestions, but things went really well for me so these are about the only ones I can think of...

      * Someone suggested rectangular tables in the commercial area and that was going through my mind as well. It was disorganized in there, detracting from the good vendors' exhibits.

      * Name badges for the exhibitors and/or speakers would have been a nice touch. Yes, it's an added expense but helps draw some attention to those people.

      * It would have been nice to have more set-up time Friday night. I appreciate that the people who were there all day were hungry, but those of us setting up Friday night probably worked all day at our day jobs and having a bit more time to set up that evening would have been nice. Wasn't there a mention of some sort of dinner Friday night? If so, that would solve the problem.

      That's all I can think of.

      Next year I should be available to help more.

      Thanks, again, to everyone who worked so hard on making VCF a success!

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