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3540IMSAI haul, continued

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  • Richard A. Cini
    Jun 6, 2006
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                  UPS today brought two boxes from my friend in Arizona, filled with more stuff for the IMSAI system he sent me. Among the stuff is two FD400 floppy drives, about 25 issues of “User’s Guide to CP/M Systems and Software” (including issue #1; later the series seems to morph into Microsystems), a few books, including one called “Computer Lab Workbook” from Digital, featuring that neat educational demonstrator, and a full box of manuals and documents, including a lot of TDL stuff, an original SAM76 manual, some FIG FORTH stuff, CP/M 2.2 docs and a bunch of random items.


                  Now maybe with the arrival of two spare floppy drives I have a shot to getting the dual-drive system on-line. I’ve also been told this person has another complete dual-drive ICOM system he’s going to be sending.


                  I love getting packages…




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