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35355VCF East 9.1 thoughts

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Apr 10, 2014

      I want to personally thank all of you .... but this email will have to
      suffice. :)

      Last weekend was the largest VCF East ever. Some say it was also the best!

      During the show, a lot of people give me all the credit. That's not
      fair!! You guys make the show. Without you all, MARCH would have nothing
      to show off. I would be a processor without data and memory (I was going
      to say "a quarterback without blockers and receivers," but then I
      remembered the intended audience!)

      Anyway: we promised awesome, we delivered awesome, and you're all
      awesome. I'm just an awesome enabler!

      That being said, we (I!) made plenty of mistakes. I'm grateful that you
      all pointed them out :) so I/we know what to improve for next year.

      One thing we cannot change is the amount of available space. We are
      already using every available room on campus of any substance. We could
      get bigger/more tents, but that costs bigger/more money. Thus we have to
      think "smarter not harder".

      Serious planning for "VCF East X" won't start until this fall. Here are
      a few ideas so far .... please go easy on them because I'm still just
      beginning to decompress from this year's show.

      - Move the event back to May for better weather.

      - Everyone knows the signs in the upstairs exhibit hall, directing
      people to the downstairs hall, was terrible (especially Saturday). On
      the drive home Monday night, I thought of an incredibly easy and obvious
      way to make it good for next year.

      - Every year it gets more difficult to find good guest speakers. Also,
      everyone seems to like technical repair sessions. So let's do less of
      the former and more of the latter! Maybe next year we can just have ONE
      speech each day, lots more technical sessions (a third and/or fourth
      Friday track, if we can creatively find the space), and open the exhibit
      hall(s) much earlier in the day. (What we can't/won't do is have
      exhibits open simultaneously with lectures/sessions, because then we
      have unmanned exhibits, and those stink.)

      - Saturday night party! Instead of going to a restaurant, we just hold a
      big party. Maybe have it catered and charge a nominal amount per person.
      I have to run that idea past Fred.
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