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35293Re: [midatlanticretro] Making final plans to attend

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  • David Riley
    Apr 9, 2014
      On Apr 9, 2014, at 1:46, Jim Brain <brain@...> wrote:


       being honest, here are my perceptions of NJ:

      • Loved the natural beauty.  Very picturesque.
      • Maybe it's an East Coast thing, or possibly just a NJ thing, and maybe it's just because NJ wants to ensure a certain level of intelligence in the local driving populace, but I've driven all over the US, and by far, I feel NJ (or at least that area around Wall) is significantly more complicated than it needs to be concerning roadway implementation relative to population density (or lack of geographic features mandating such complexity).  It wasn't any specific major issue, but just lots of "what the heck?" moments looking at the GPS or the map.  https://www.google.com/maps/@40.1889083,-74.0623713,16z was cute (off at one place, on somewhere way over beyond).  Again, I've seen worse, but it seemed to hit us *ALL THE TIME* in NJ.  There's probably some story about roadway design by committee or lowest bidder or some arcane rule about exits in NJ, but whatever.
      Ahahaha, no, that's just NJ. It's ridiculous about road organization and poor about signage. PA is also pretty bad about signage. I grew up in MD, which actually borders on obsessive at times about road signs, so I'm a bit spoiled, but NJ (especially with their bizarre left turn approach) really takes the cake.
      • No self service gas pumping in NJ... Really?  So, do you tip the pump attendant?  From a cost perspective, I can't see how that works, since gas was 3.33/gal and that's the lowest I saw it across 7 states.  At that price, assuming the attendant makes min wage, how do stations make anything on gas in NJ.  /me cannot fathom the economics.
      You don't tip the attendant. I believe Oregon is the other state in the US that doesn't allow self service. To my understanding, it actually began in the early days of the automobile, when state legislators assumed that allowing average people to handle a pump full of volatile hydrocarbons would result in a lot of explosions (I'm actually a bit surprised that it doesn't). I think it's stayed on because allowing self-service now would end thousands of jobs in the state, which would be unpopular.
      • Great venue.  Lots of space.  I'd consider filling the middle of the rooms with something, though, as the exhibits halls, large as they were, looked a bit "sparse".  People complain about squeezing things in, but the more cozy atmosphere has some advantages.
      I think Dave McGuire's exhibit would have taken up a LARGE chunk of space in the downstairs hall, possibly even more than it did last time.
      • The Friday University thing sounded like it had some hiccups to iron out.  I know people took it in stride, but I also know one of the presenters was a bit miffed at all the last minute changes and the AV issues.  Some feather unruffling might be prudent.
      It came off well for a first attempt, I thought. The schedule changes were unfortunate, but some of it was due to sickness.
      • It seemed like poor Evan was stretched a bit thin.  Burnout is a bummer.  Would co-coordinators or "area-captains" help?
      Are you volunteering? :-)

      It was good to meet you, Jim! Hope you can make it next time!

      - Dave
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