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3518Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: MARCH event thread #2b

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  • John Allain
    Jun 1, 2006
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      > Herb Johnson wrote:
      > > Hard to imagine going to Boston but not staying for the MIT Swap Meet,
      > > which is on third Sunday mornings into the early afternoon, on the MIT
      > > campus at a parking facility (inside and out). It could be an
      > > on-the-way-out activity. It seems to be good for some older SGI/Sun
      > > stuff, a bit of older PC/game machine stuff, the odd test equipment
      > > from labs, even machine tools. Also some of the sellers bring items
      > > strictly for show: an Enigma machine was displayed when I went a few
      > > years ago.

      > I have been to a few of these as well - here is their webpage -
      > http://web.mit.edu/w1mx/www/swapfest.html . They sometimes also have
      > stuff like C64s and old Macs.

      (let's try some attention to the proper list)
      Just to put a good word about low the overhead is at the MIT flea.
      Assign parking spaces, hand out tickets and watch the gate.
      At least it's not so much work as to burn out one or more members
      of the MARCH board. I'm hinting that a MARCH/infoAge swap-meet
      could be a real easy thing to do. Never asked Steve Finberg how he does
      his, however. There's probably a need for a permit from the town at least.

      John A.
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