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35102Re: [midatlanticretro] The BIG-TOP....

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  • Brian Schenkenberger, VAXman-
    Apr 2, 2014
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      Bob Flanders <bob.flanders@...> writes:

      >How long will the class last?
      >See ya Friday!

      The slots are 75 minutes. Barring objections to political incorrectness,
      innuendo, etc., that works out to 1.25 hours. It's certainly inadequate
      time to even scratch the surface of the topic but I'll try. Thanks for
      you input a week ago. I've a few examples based upon your input that I'll
      demonstrate. Maybe a few more examples if I get time to today.

      VAXman- A Bored Certified VMS Kernel Mode Hacker VAXman(at)TMESIS(dot)ORG

      I speak to machines with the voice of humanity.
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