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35091Re: [midatlanticretro] Stop the sexist jokes.

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  • Dan Roganti
    Apr 2, 2014
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      ok, I know some who might be sensitive around here. But this List if far from any professional group. And many of us already work in a professional environment that we don't need to be lectured too. Many of us bust asses every day at work - all while playing the PC  card - myself almost 40yrs ffn' years too. An occasional string of humor, and this is *far* from any  locker-room bantering - when the hell was the last time anyone was in a locker-room -  is by far not going to denigrate this List anytime soon. So I try, as long as my Bones will last, to live by this creed handed down by generations before us, *work* hard, *play* hard.  But when some try to redefine an attitude, when euphemisms and innuendos become verboten - I'll tell everyone to 'F' off rather than live in some dystopian THX1138 kind of world - you can have it.
      Now I have to get back to packing my shit, cause I busted my ass getting our exhibit ready - and intend to have a good time without anyone busting my Balls.

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