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35075Re: [midatlanticretro] Better weather!

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  • Dan Roganti
    Apr 1, 2014
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      On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 9:00 PM, Neil Cherry <ncherry@...> wrote:
      On 04/01/2014 01:45 PM, Brian Schenkenberger, VAXman- wrote:
      > Evan Koblentz <evan@...> writes:
      >> The forecast for VCF weather continues to improve. Weather.com and Accuweather are
      >> both saying mid 40s Friday, maybe an evening passing shower, and sunny with mid 50s
      >> to low 60s on the weekend.
      > Sandals, shorts and T-shirt weather!  If it gets any better, I might teach Assembly in
      > the buff.  An extra binary digit counter in readiness! :) :) :)

      Oh great, grey beards in the buff. Now I'll have nightmares for weeks.

      is there such a thing as a 1 bit grey code counter

      hey, if that binary bit was in Core, does it become Hard Core 

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