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34990Making final plans to attend

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  • Jim Brain
    Mar 31, 2014
      I need to confirm with Ethan, but the current plan is to leave SE IA
      early Thursday afternoon and try to hit Columbus, OH by midnight and
      pick up Ethan Dicks enroute to NJ Friday morning (8-9AM'ish). Ethan
      plans to attend VCF-U, while I'll probably crash for a few hours if I
      have not gotten any sleep in the OH->NJ leg of the trip. Wish me luck
      getting to Ethan's house on time!

      I am hopeful we can get back out of NJ Sunday early enough to get Ethan
      back to OH by midnight, and then I'll try to get back to my job Monday

      This is only my second journey to NJ, and I'm not an east coaster, so
      bear with me. I think you all do things a bit different than us
      Midwesterners. I hear you all talk fast and have colorful vocabulary,
      but that might be a stereotype :-)


      Jim Brain
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