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3488vintagecomputer.net re-launch today

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  • B Degnan
    May 26, 2006
      Hi - Just a quick note to anyone who may be interested...I have updated
      my web site to include some items I have for sale (including my "History
      of Commodore Computers" poster), and a simple blog-type messageboard
      for news about projects I'm working on, or questions to the public

      This site is a work in progress, but enough has changed to make it
      worth mentioning.

      If anyone is interested in contributing to the site, or selling their
      wares, or some other collaborations, let me know.

      As this site is intended for the general public, the computers, software
      and parts for sale are to be sold at "retail" prices. I will only
      sell tested, working items.


      Bill D

      -- E N D --