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  • Evan Koblentz
    Mar 9, 2014
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      Here are some random updates.

      - I will handle our booth at the Trenton show this Saturday. Wanted to bring one of our Altairs running Corey's Cromemco Dazzler board but that will not be ready in time. So instead I picked something very convenient and easy: a Commodore SX-64. (One of these years we should bring some big iron to that show.)

      - We all know Jon Titus for the Mark-8, bit did you know he also designed an SBC in 1976 called the MMD-1? Jon emailed me tonight and said he'll autograph one and send it to us.

      - The widely request VCF flyer is almost finished.

      - Ordering the VCF shirts this week. Ragooman outdid himself! This year's shirt has a very funny drawing on it. You know how birds at the beach tend to walk around picking up french fries and stuff? What if they found a floppy disk? :)

      - Three weeks until VCF ..... AAAAACCCKKKKKKKKKKK!