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34572Semi-OT: Old HP workstations, monitors, and arcade game/cabinet free to a good home

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  • stephen70edwards
    Feb 27, 2014
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      I have an excess of riches, which translates to a crowded office.

      Would anybody be interested in the following? They're yours if you can pick them up from me in Manhattan.

      Non-working but apparently complete HP-85
      HP 9836CU computer with color monitor
      color monitor for an HP 9836CU
      17" Trinitron monitor from a Sun 3/60 (four BNC connectors)
      17" Trinitron monitor for an HP 300 series machine (three BNC connectors)
      HP 9121 HP-IB dual 3.5" floppy drive; unknown condition

      Non-working but complete Sega Monaco GP mini stand-up arcade game (c. 1979). All the parts are there but many don't work. And this is definitely off-topic because Monaco GP is all TTL; no processor there.

      The monitors are certainly headed to recycling if nobody wants them, but I'd hate to discard anything else if people want it.

      Contact me if you're interested (sedwards@...)

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