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34500Re: [midatlanticretro] Secret computer update!

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  • Bill Dromgoole
    Feb 18, 2014
      > >1. It's blue(ish).
      > >2. It's old and heavy.
      > >
      > >New clues:
      > >3. It is not from DEC or IBM.
      > >4. MARCH doesn't own anything else similar to it.
      >All are encouraged to speculate. That's why I first said "it's blue"
      >a smokescreen to throw you guys off track. :)
      So it's not blue?
      Make up your mind. Keep clues accurate.
      List of some blue(ish) old heavy computers.
      RCA Spectra 70
      Honeywell DPS-7
      Burroughs 205
      Data General Nova

      Not blue computers.
      Very long list....
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