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345Re: [midatlanticretro] VCF Midwest

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    Apr 22, 2005
      Hi Evan;
           Just read your email re the VCF Lite at Perdue. I have ro leave for Key West at about the same time-frame to give my only daughter away at her wedding on June 4th.  But it is logivcal that I speak at the meeting.  I had the first computer store in Indiana and I'm pretty sure my Lafayette store was the first one up there too.  I haven't been contafcted by them, but I'm not surprised.  I have nevver developed the knack of making a name for myself that other people remember.
           If you make it I would be very pleased to meet you, too.  Any suggestions?

      Evan <evan947@...> wrote:
      Hey, is anyone interested in going to VCF Midwest next month?


      It's going to be larger than our Trenton exhibit, but not as big as the main
      VCF (fall).  They're describing this one as a "VCF Light".  I really want to
      go, not just because it'll be fun, but also to see how MARCH should do VCF
      East in the future.

      Alas, it's at Purdue University (Indiana), which is about a two-day drive --
      almost as far west as Disney World is south, from here in New Jersey -- and
      I'm not going to spend $200-$300 on an airplane ticket for this.

      Is anyone interested in driving?  Of course I am happy to split the gas and
      driving (my style is "speedy but safe"), but it'd have to be your car, since
      (as we all know by now) very little fits in the Evanmobile, a.k.a. 2-seater
      with a trunk smaller than some microwave ovens.

      I'm serious, I really want to go!  Just need a co-conspirator...

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