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3447Motorola HDS-200/Hitachi Development System/Dayton 2006

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  • David Comley
    May 23, 2006
      I posted this on classiccmp but I'll post here for
      MARCH members as well in case this jogs a memory

      Does anyone have knowledge of Motorola HDS-200
      Hardware Development Systems ? I brought one home from
      Dayton bundled with a pair of HP64000 mainframes,
      manuals and emulation pods.

      The HDS-200 has a base unit, cables, emulation pods
      and program cartridges. I am not sure whether I will
      do anything with it yet - just curious to know what
      else I would need in order to try it out.

      Also in the carton: an (apparently unused) Hitachi
      development system of some sort, with a label marked
      'HAL-SJ' and two boards marked H31MIX3. I'm guessing
      it's a 6301 or 6303 development system.

      Anyone with embedded systems knowledge care to comment

      On another note - did anyone else make the long haul
      out to Dayton last weekend for the Hamvention ? It
      looked like pretty slim pickings on the vintage
      computer front although there were a few items of
      interest (since I collect HP64000 I was really pleased
      with what I brought home).


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