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34433Next workshop(s): late May/early June AND early/mid-August

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 16, 2014
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      >> I meant at the museum. Too few members could attend in Pittsburgh.
      >> But it's perfectly cool, Dave, if you want to host a "MARCH West"
      >> workshop the same weekend. Maybe we can have an A/V link-up.
      > AV linkup, I think I might be able to take care of that on the PA side
      > of things :)

      I'm thinking .... Skype. If you know something equally cheap and equally
      simple, but more reliable for an all-day (and possibly half the night)
      connection, then speak up. :)

      Of course there is no need to solve the details at this point. All I'm
      saying right now is, "Let's have a workshop in that general timeframe."

      While we're all chatting, please see the revised subject line .... let's
      plan a workshop for August too.

      That way we all have about two months after VCF East and about two
      months between the workshops.
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