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34360How do you keep a "MARCHin" in suspense?

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 11, 2014
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      I can't reveal details just yet, but I'm
      super-duper-double-secret-excited about a rescue that we are probably
      conducting in a few weeks.

      Every once in a while -- sometimes it's a month or two, sometimes six,
      sometimes a year -- I think to myself, "It's been a while since we had
      one of those awesome big rescues." And then, almost every time, the
      universe responses soon after: "Would MARCH like to adopt a..."

      So for now I'll just tease you. :) Is it a real Apple 1? Did another
      PDP-12 suddenly appear? A secret prototype Altair 8800? Does it run on
      an Intel 4004, transistors, vacuum tubes, or steam?

      Ooooooh, how I wish I could tell you right now, announce it on Facebook,
      reveal it at VCF East .... but it's got to wait a little while so your
      friendly club officers can make sure everything is official.

      I shall provide one hint: it's blue.

      Back to the subject line: how do you keep a MARCH member in suspense?
      I'll tell you later. :)

      Let the speculating begin!
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