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34086Re: [midatlanticretro] PDP-12

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  • Dave
    Jan 22, 2014
      On 22/01/2014 19:12, Mike Loewen wrote:
      > On Wed, 22 Jan 2014, Evan Koblentz wrote:
      >> It makes me sad that such things are in our backyard yet inaccessible to
      >> us. :( I just hope it goes to someone who will give it a "good home".
      >> The seller told me to "watch for more" interesting items.
      > He also has an EAI 380 Analog/Hybrid computer listed:
      > Ebay 161204038220
      > Mike Loewen mloewen@...
      > Old Technology http://sturgeon.css.psu.edu/~mloewen/Oldtech/
      That is so nice. If you want it my previous pledge is still valid to go
      towards it. Assuming it is working and you buy it I'll even fly over to
      show you how to use it, but it won't be this coming VCF East...

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