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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 22, 2014

      We're officially out of the running for this computer.

      Our attempt at bidding ended a couple of days ago. I forget the exact
      amount, but there were on- and off-list messages in which people
      promised a total of almost $3,000. Very impressive ... except that the
      current was $4,000+.

      There was a secret Plan B in which one friend-of-MARCH (sorry, I can't
      say who) was going to let us display the computer for a few months/years
      until he could retrieve it for his personal collection. That fell
      through when the person decided he didn't need the computer and/or the
      price got too high.

      Right now there are five hours to go and the price is $7,600.

      It makes me sad that such things are in our backyard yet inaccessible to
      us. :( I just hope it goes to someone who will give it a "good home".

      The seller told me to "watch for more" interesting items.
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