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33908Re: [midatlanticretro] RE: Intertec Superbrain

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  • B Degnan
    Jan 7, 2014
      > Well contrary to popular belief about me... I'm not about restoring
      to factory but unless it was something really special, restoring to
      common condition. I originally went with the factory condition concept
      because I was coming from the world of vintage cars, but after
      restoring a sol-20 and realizing that the common hack involving a
      hacksaw to the back metal that hits the power plug when removing the
      case top was a great idea. All I did was clean up the cut and touch up
      the paint so it might have been done by someone who at least had a
      steady hand.
      > Cheers,
      > Corey

      Could be worse than to be considered the poster child for expert
      factory restoration of vintage computers. I am in the middle. I
      believe you should stabilize a computer by cleaning and replacing bad
      parts. I usually remove the "dumb" or meaningless modifications that
      serve no historical purpose. I don't mind putting in new parts to
      replace old vintage parts. I also don't accept anything really dirty
      or beyond hope just to be able to claim I own something. I also must
      admit that if I too had some of Corey's talents and tools that I might
      not also take case restoration a little farther.

      Hard to say there is a simple continuum line between the academic /
      historian and the collector / techie of vintage computers. It is more
      like a series of traits.

      Multiple choice (choose one):

      You receive a set of original service manuals for a favorite vintage
      computer but the binder holding them is from an old car parts store
      (let's say). Do you...
      a) Leave as-is to preserve the historical context

      b) Leave as-is because you don't care and any binder is good enough

      c) Replace with a new binder similar to the docs' manufacturer, make a
      counterfeit label for the binder, etc.

      d) search Ebay for the original binder any condition

      e) search Ebay for the original binder, good condition

      Me? I have done all 5 of these at one point or another..

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