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33764Re: [midatlanticretro] T-minus 4 months to VCF East. Register your exhibits

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  • DuaneCraps
    Dec 25, 2013
      I would suggest wheeling out a 1219B with placards describing your rescue; and future hopes for restoring it to operation. You might snag some “old iron” old-timers.
      Sent: Friday, December 06, 2013 11:23 AM
      Subject: [midatlanticretro] T-minus 4 months to VCF East. Register your exhibits


      Believe it or not, as of this weekend, we've only got four months until
      VCF East 9.1.

      Please start registering your exhibits. I'm planning a big marketing
      push in January and it looks bad for us if people visit the web site
      with no exhibits listed, or just a few exhibits...

      As explained in past years: you don't need to decide all of your exhibit
      details at this point, and you can always change them later. For now
      it's okay to just put in a sentence or two. But please put SOMETHING so
      the page at http://www.vintage.org/2014/east/exhibit.php starts to get

      Thank you.

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