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33656Re: [midatlanticretro] Walt Mossberg's last article at the WSJ. the products that changed the digital industry

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Dec 20, 2013
      > He focuses on consumer products and I don't know if one would consider a website like google is a product or a service.

      Doesn't matter. What would the consumer Web be without Google? I agree
      it belongs in his list.

      > Personally I think the blackberry should be up there, it's not as slick as Android/IOS, but it it was a smartphone and was king before both.

      I would've just put "smartphones" to cover them all (and to free up some
      places on the list!) Same with Newton/Palm; I'd have just put PDAs.

      > I also think they should have added BitTorrent.. Which was a game changer.

      No. General public (his audience) never heard of BitTorrent.

      I'd make the list like this (in no particular order):
      - PDAs (Newton, Palm)
      - Graphical web browsers (Netscape, IE, Firefox)
      - Search engines (Yahoo, Google)
      - iPod (because no other MP3 player made any noticeable dent in history)
      - social networking (MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
      - Smartphones (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android -- even primitive WAP phones)
      - Tablets (iPad, Android)
      - Digital appliances: cameras, GPS, etc.
      - Broadband connections
      - Wireless networking (WiFi, Bluetooth)

      I'd also consider putting "Return of the Cloud" in there.

      PS- This thread is most definitely ON-topic. Not all history is old.
      We're living it right now! One day we'll have a "modern history" exhibit
      at the museum.
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