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33655Re: [midatlanticretro] Walt Mossberg's last article at the WSJ. the products that changed the digital industry

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  • Bill Loguidice
    Dec 20, 2013
      Lists are usually created for nothing more than generating hits and heated discussion. They're intellectually lazy in many ways, but when you're a commercial enterprise, you often need to resort to such things. There's no particular rhyme or reason to that list--you could literally swap out several other groups of 10 without generating any more or less controversy. If the methodology was more focused, it might make for a better list, but as it is, there's not much to it. We may not like a choice or two or three, but it's hard to argue that one of them shouldn't be in there given the vast number of choices that could also easily slot in.

      Personally, I've been involved in two commercial lists, both books. In the first, Vintage Games, it was picking the 35 most influential videogames of all time (or at least up until its 2008 publication). In the second, Vintage Game consoles, which comes out in a few months, it was picking the 20 greatest game playing platforms (computer, console, and handheld) of all time (no longer commercially sold). Neither of the lists we chose proved especially controversial because we had a very clear and specific methodology in picking what we did and had the room to explain why something was picked over something else. These quick hit link-bait pieces have no such luxury, or, likely intention. They kind of want them to be imperfect, otherwise they wouldn't achieve their intended effect.

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      On Fri, Dec 20, 2013 at 10:35 AM, Christian Liendo <christian_liendo@...> wrote:

      >From: B. Degnan <billdeg@...>

      > From a pop tech standpoint I agree with this list, these are the pop tech
      > stories of the past 20 years.  He probably did a search and counted the #
      > of articles on each subject.  There are a lot of under the hood things that
      > made a lot of this possible that are completely absent, I assume on purpose
      > as out of scope for the article.  Examples - USB, wireless technology,
      > graphic processor cards, etc.
      > bd

      He focuses on consumer products and I don't know if one would consider a website like google is a product or a service.

      I think he missed a lot. 

      Personally I think the blackberry should be up there, it's not as slick as Android/IOS, but it it was a smartphone and was king before both.

      I also think they should have added BitTorrent.. Which was a game changer.

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